Business Facebook Account?

What are the benefits of having a Business Facebook account over a personal account. First off Facebook doesn’t care, I want to start off by saying that. If you run your business through your personal account and aren’t compliant with Facebook Policy you will get shut down.

This means you will never be able to personally start a new account. With a business account you will be able to create you account and if it get shut down for any reason your personal account isn’t effected at all. All of the reasonings are quite simple and make you want to switch right away.

Another reason to switch is “privacy” lets say you hire an agency to do your marketing. You probably don’t want a team of people being able to see and access your personal profile, along with your personal ad account. Also this lets your be able to set your personal profile privacy settings how you would like and not have to share with world other things you would not normally share.

Next is when you make this account you can limit the abilities of people you want helping out on the account. Along with setting this you can also see what these people are actually doing and who edited last etc.  If you have employees assign them roles so they are limited to what they need to do. The different roles you can set are as followed

  • Insight Analyst: Can only view insights
  • Advertiser: Can view insights and also create ads
  • Moderator: All of the above plus send messages as the page, comment and delete others comments
  • Content Creator: All of the above along with the ability to make page posts
  • Manager: All access to accounts along with Admin Roles

Insights! Crucial to your company and you are limited with a personal account. Along with these mounds of dat you get you also have the ability to export these. For us we find this ability so helpful to absorbing the data to be able to scale these campaigns or shut them down.

If this hasn’t sold you yet please message us with questions because there are a lot more reasons. Such as Facebook Contests, Ability to us third party platforms, scheduling posts, making your Facebook profile professional, ability to have over 5000 fans. So many that we can’t list them all.

So go now to and sign up today to contact us here.  Send us a message



What are Email Sponsorship?

EMAILS EMAILS EMAILS! We all get them everyday and they fill up our inbox! How do monetize these and what are email sponsorships? First off email sponsorships are not illegal and doesn’t make you a spammer. Just wanted to clear that up immediately. Everyone who doesn’t know what that means instantly starts thinking, “I don’t want to be a spammer.” Well you won’t be, it’s not the same.

How is it different?

So an email sponsorship is paying another company to run your content to their audience. You aren’t getting access to emails, or buying their list. You are just paying for them the sponsor your content, or product on an email send. For example when someone famous is getting paid to wear certain Nike Products, they are being sponsored. Nike is paying that person to show their product off to the world. The same as you are paying for someone to send your content to their list.

The other part of this people don’t realize is yes they are expensive but this is like any other platform you test. You cannot just start and expect the first email drop(which is slag for one email being sent) to be 100% ROI. Each list will perform differently to your product and just because it’s a “hot list” that doesn’t mean it will convert for you. If you know your customer then you could figure out which lists should perform the best based on that information. Don’t be afraid to ask about the customers/names on the lists!

Another good thing to know buying a sponsorship is like buying a car. Negotiate the rate some and talk to the owner or list representative about performance. About a $1 a click is standard for an email sponsorship, so when they tell you list size ask about Click-Thru’s and Open Rates. If you do the math you should be able to figure out how your drop will do.

So remember an Email Sponsorship is not spamming!

When Do I Scale?

This recently has been one of my biggest questions lately. Why are you scaling so quickly? There seems to be a lot of hesitation in scaling an offer and I’m not sure why. In my opinion, if you are hitting your KPI’s(Key Performance Indicators) why aren’t you scaling? Understandably I do get credit card risk, and having the monetary ability to scale, but if we are positive Return on Investment on day one lets double, triple, max out your spend limit.

So here is typically how I know when to scale. Before I start any campaign new offer or existing offer, I setup goals. Simple right! So lets start with an example. We have a widget for sale, yippie, we are finally done with all the order forms, and sales pages. You know the price of your item or can estimate the initial average order value, which on the opposite you know the cost.

Now of that difference you have your profit so far lets say that’s $20. Let’s say you need 20% for labor and other overhead so now we have $16. From there you determine you want to have pure profit and rainy day money for $1 a unit. So there we go we have $15 we can spend per sale. This very simple goal tells us that we can scale on any platform as long as our marketing costs equate to less then $15 a sale. So if you are spending $50 a day and got 4 sales, double your spend. Now tomorrow you spend $100 and get 9 sales, you should double your spend again because you are still hitting your goals. Again this is the simple way of setting your KPI’s.

Now you can add in other elments to your sales process which makes this a little bit more time consuming to figure out when to scale but as long as you have your goals and know your numbers you’ll do great!


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